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Name:Sanctum Logs
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Welcome to

Please Use the following format for all logs!


This particular world just might be the only one of its kind. The residents think so, anyway. There’s nothing particularly special about the atmosphere itself: livable for humans and a few other races, breathable and even a little clearer than some. There’s nothing special about the mountains, plains, or lakes. The ocean is just an ocean, filled with the usual various flora and fauna, briny and cold at the depths.

The special part of the world of Sanctum - playfully referred to as the ‘salacious’ Sanctum by some residents - lies in the culture itself, light-hearted, playful, and downright bawdy. It is a world peopled by those who when finding themselves a blank slate, decided ‘let’s turn it into a resort!’ as opposed to starting out on major scientific endeavors, creating political constructs, waging war.

Those things all came later, after it was realized that they were necessities, that there would always be those brought to the world who would harm others. Each new problem to be faced brought more structure, but the tenacious party-goers of the world were determined it not
become too much.

The result of this struggle between lawfulness and lewdness was the current world that your character lands in today: one in which sex and many other comforts are in ready supply, and crime is punished quickly and thoroughly. Nothing is entirely free, however, and it is expected that newcomers to this world in the modern day do just as those who came before them have done; work to continue the world’s prosperity and to support themselves.

Welcome to the Sanctum, and be sure to have a little fun.

The Nitty Gritty

So, what is this place again? Sanctum is a panfandom roleplay game, of the adult variety. As such, players must be 18+. Characters who are not 18+ in canon are permissible, but are assumed to have gotten ‘lost in transit’ until the age of 18, spending several years in stasis before being deposited into the world.

The overall premise of the community is a sex-positive game where sexual activity is allowed and encouraged, but not required. The characters arrive in a world that is one big resort town filled with lots of entertainment, including booming sex industries, from actual prostitution to sex toys and pornography. Sex education and people to answer questions about it abound.

However, partaking in these things is completely voluntary for the characters and no player should ever feel pressured to write anything they are not comfortable writing. Just like in any world, there are many jobs to do and other sources of entertainment, so characters not interested in the sexual part of it are still welcomed and appreciated.

Keep in mind that consensual does not equate vanilla. The world of Sanctum is quite kink-friendly and there are a variety of interests catered to here. Almost anything that your character would be interested in learning about or participating in should be able to be arranged, whether it’s fuzzy handcuffs, missionary position lights-out, or the most humiliating servitude you/they can dream up.

However, because of the nature of both the world and the roleplay community as a ‘sexual sanctum’, rape and coercion come with very high in-character consequences and require mod permission. While there are always situations where consent or lack thereof can be viewed differently by individuals, please keep in mind the overall tone of the game while logging and feel free to contact a mod if you were unsure about what is permissible.

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